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A strategically aligned group
of subsidiary companies owned by CDA Health Pty Ltd. 

Who Are We?

CDA Health is a strategically aligned group of subsidiary companies, each of which are involved in the development of the holistic health industry. We bridge the gap between plant-based treatments and ease of access to customer groups.


Since 2018, CDA Health has proudly maintained its title as a key player within Australia’s holistic health industry. We work to unify all aspects of plant-based medicine, providing a seamless approach in patient access to treatment pathways, pharmacist access to legalised products, educating prescribers, developing industry-informed clinicians and creating opportunities within the field. In December 2021, CDA Health merged with and became a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX listed Cronos Australia Ltd. (ASX:CAU).

Collectively, we strive to empower the lives of Australians through educating and actively engaging in new ways to help the holistic health industry evolve for the better.

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CDA Health is a proud founding member of the

Emerging Therapeutics Association Australia.

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Our Brands

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CDA Clinics is CDA Health's medical division, providing specialty consultations to patients nationwide. The in-house doctors at CDA Clinics keep things efficient by personally applying to the Department of Health on behalf of their patients.

Furthermore, CDA Clinics' clinicians offer an individualised assessment of each unique patient's condition. Their aim is to educate and empower people to manage the symptoms of their chronic condition. 


CDA have clinics in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and serve patients Australia-wide via Telehealth.

A fully licensed Australia-based importer, exporter and wholesaler of high-quality plant-based products. Since its commencement in 2017, the company has grown to become one of the largest wholesalers of plant medicine in the country, fulfilling thousands of orders per month. All BHC products are of the highest pharmaceutical grade and conform to the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) Standards - lab tested for the strictest and highest repeatable quality. 

CanView is Australia's leading  online platform for health professionals. CanView operates as the BHC online hub, offering doctors and dispensing pharmacists a streamlined ordering system. CanView allows health professionals to view a comprehensive list of product information during consultation with their patients. CanView features products from Adaya, ANTG, Beacon Medical, BOD Australia, Burleigh Heads Cannabis, Cannatrek, CDA Health, Cresco Pharma, Little Green Pharma, MEDCAN Australia, MediPharm Labs, MGC Pharma, Tilray, Tikun

and more.

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CDA Clinics

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Our History

Our journey began back in 2016 with the legislation change, which allowed medical practitioners to prescribe plant-based treatments via the TGA's Special Access Scheme. As a family of progressive professionals who believe in the healing power of plants, we jumped into action and applied for wholesaling licences.


Since launching our clinical brand CDA Clinics in October 2018, our doctors have been approved by the TGA to prescribe over 10,000 patients and counting. 

Our subsidiary BHC was one of the first companies to receive its importing, exporting and wholesaling licences. ​Via BHC's CanView platform, we've provided products to almost 30 percent of Australia's holistic health market.

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