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CDA Health Boardroom

About Us

We're Industry Leaders

As one of the industry leaders, we bank on the fact that we're a company of many firsts. 


  • CDA Health, via CanView, is the first cannabis entity to have a transparent medical cannabis platform for pharmacists and clinicians in Australia. This has streamlined the process for pharmacists and dispensing doctors to order medications with SAS and MAP approvals.

  • CDA Health was the first medicinal cannabis company to bring crystal isolate CBD to the Australian market.

  • CDA Clinics opened the first medicinal cannabis clinic on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

  • Investing in research and development is crucial to us at CDA Health; prompting innovative and creative solutions for everything related to plant-based medicines.

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Health Practitioner CDA Health

We're Educators

Even with the recent technological advancements in medicine, there remains a general lack of awareness and understanding regarding certain plant medicines. Shedding light on the topic through educating the masses on the medicinal capabilities of plants, we empower the community of medical practitioners, pharmacists, and patients.

We also offer a Confident Prescriber Course through our CanView platform, to help inform and teach medical professionals the process of prescribing plant-based treatments in a safe, effective manner.

We're Innovators

We understand that to provide Australians with the best service and product variety, we must continuously evolve in the way we devise new processes and options. Ranging from CBD crystal isolate to vape liquids, CDA Health is always working towards innovating and expanding our line of products and services available.


Our strategically aligned group of subsidiary companies allow us to remain on the pulse of the ever-changing needs of the holistic health industry. Each company has its unique contribution to developing the market, educating stakeholders, clinicians and patients alike, and providing new services, solutions and products.

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Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity
& Transparency

Our Vision

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At CDA Health, we aspire to see a future where the stigma against alternative treatment is diminished and the access process is simplified for those in need.


By integrating the key sectors of the holistic health industry, we aim to become the go-to hub for all things cannabis; whilst making it as simple as possible for stakeholders and remaining compliant. CDA Health is striving towards empowering the community through education and legitimising cannabis use for medicinal purposes.


As plant-based treatment becomes de-stigmatised globally, more people are viewing it as a first-line health treatment – not just an alternative option. On our journey to establish medical cannabis as a leading treatment in Australia, we aim to onboard more clinicians, supply to more pharmacies and educate stakeholders about all things medical cannabis.

Our Mission

There are great disparities between the subdivisions of the holistic health industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap by unifying these divided sectors and catering to all stakeholders within the industry. CDA Health is creating a central space dedicated to demystifying the processes of access, prescribing, supplying, research and development of high-quality plant-based products.

Who We Are

  • A huge part of what we do at CDA Health revolves around continuously seeking and implementing seamless and efficient processes.

  • We're forward thinking progressives who measure current issues against traditional methods to ensure that we are providing innovative and relevant solutions. ​

  • We're a unified set of holistic advocates who believe firmly in the health power of plant medicines and the importance of educating Australians on the topic.

  • We're customer-focused and we provide a sense of reliability, credibility and trust by ensuring a high level of consistency in all of our customer touchpoints.

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